I live and work as freelance executive designer, strategist and digitalisation expert in Munich.

In my former leadership and entrepreneurial positions I built and enabled multidisciplinary teams to develop innovative, future-oriented and sustainable solutions for a wide range of companies and organisations.

Before starting my independent advisory business I was the Director of Design & UX at ExB, an SaaS B2B AI company that processes text on industrial scale. Prior I co-founded and lead the Munich office for SinnerSchrader (now Accenture Song), was a Managing Director and Associated Partner at IDEO, started Razorfish in Germany (that’s a long time ago) and began my career at K&P.

I’m passionate about visual representations, interaction and service design & paradigms. The big picture and the details. Making things work. The philiosophy and vision. Helping teams achieving their best.

My work is focused on humanising technology, creating meaningfull stories and providing the space and culture, where new things will happen. As an entrepreneurial designer I connect people and technology, business and change.

Remember: Design is, how it works.

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